Thursday, February 4, 2010

Generic Diapers & Diaper Cream – a surprising comeback

In the Vuong Family we LOVE Target & Publix…and we also love their generic versions of {most} products.  So, when I was pregnant with Collin I naturally assumed that I would love Target or Publix brand diapers, wipes, diaper cream, etc. also.  Thanks to our WONDERFUL friends & family we were well stocked with all of the above products when Collin first arrived (Pampers, Huggies, etc.) so it was a few months before I actually had to add such things to my weekly shopping lists.

The first time that we were running low on diapers I added them to my weekly Target list, and was on the way.  After purchasing Target brand diapers and diaper cream I was VERY disappointed.  The diapers leaked terribly, and the cream smelled bad and would not spread well.  I tried Publix diapers with the same disappointing results, so then I just decided that it was worth the extra few cents per diaper to get the name brand ones that don’t leak.

That is until a few weeks ago when I was at Target with my little cell phone calculator pulled out trying to determine which pack of diapers was the lowest price per diaper (yes, I am that frugal – has anyone else ever done that??) when I kept looking at the Target brand diapers…the had some new packaging, and the diapers themselves were SO CUTE – blue & green polka dots!!  Against my better judgment based on past experience, but motivated my the nearly $9/package savings I decided to give them another try…plus, they were just sooo cute!

I am now a believer!!  They have worked great, and even overnight!  I had been buying the more expensive Fisher Price Good Night Diapers because Collin kept waking up with wet jammies using the Pampers after sleeping all night…so I thought “Okay, that’s great that the Target diapers work during the day, but there is no way they will stand up to night time”.  But again, I was wrong.  Collin now wears the Target diapers 24/7.

I am thinking that maybe they don’t leak as often because he has more “big boy” bathroom habits now??  But whatever the reason I am glad I gave Target another chance.

The only down side would be for someone with a little girl because they only come in blue & green polka dots.  I guess it doesn’t really matter since you can cover them up with some very girly bloomers, but I think that if/when I have a little girl she will be pink from head to toe :) Hehe – that thought almost makes me want to try again for a little girl…that is until I start thinking about the fact that that little girl would actually have to be born & I am not ready for that whole process again.

Also on a related subject, I haven’t tried Publix brand diapers again recently, but they do have the most amazing diaper cream – I swear it is manufactured at the Desitin plant and just put in different packaging.  I have tried several different brands/types because Collin gets really bad diaper rash, but I have found that Desitin & Publix are the only ones that will work for him.  For whatever reason my Publix only stocks 3 tubes of it at a time so when we are running low I buy all 3 – Collin can go through some diaper cream!

Okay, this is probably an INCREDIBLY BORING post for anyone without an infant…or even if you have an infant it is probably boring too, but I was just so excited that I had to write about it.

Happy Friday (okay, I know it’s not until tomorrow, but I am off work now so it is already Friday in my book)!!


Jonathan and Sarah said...

That is so good to know because I would have never tried Target brand- I just hate coming home & something not working! I remember seeing those on a baby in nursery i had to change & thinking who has polka dot ones- they're cute though! I'll be getting those next time! (Of course hopefully Noah will soon decide underwear is cooler) YEESH.

Angela said...

We actually just tried Target diapers for the first time, too! It was actually a pack that someone else had bought us before Dallas was born, but I think they're still the ones you're talking about because they have blue and green polka dots (and I just force myself to get over the fact that they don't have pink ones). I thought they worked just fine, too! We just bought two huge boxes of Pampers, though, because Target had them on sale. After that, though, we'll probably switch over to just Target brand. Also, what do you think about Target wipes? Have you tried them? I heard they were good. We're using Huggies wipes right now (that someone gave us) and I DO NOT like them. So far my favorite wipes are the Pampers Thick wipes.

Son and Julie said...

My favorite wipes are the Pampers sensitive. Because Collin's diaper rash can get so bad (and back when he had to have his surgery) we started using these, and they are so gentle that I am still afraid to try anything else (like target brand). I did try the huggies gentle wipes & I had to throw out the package b/c Collin's poor little booty got so red!

Jennifer said...

I totally calculate out the price per diaper too! I haven't gotten to try the Target diapers yet because they don't make them in Ellie's size, but she's almost there! So I'll have to try them! Thanks for the recommendation!