Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Whole New Level of Clean

This morning as I was getting ready for work, I had Collin with me while I was doing my makeup/hair in the bathroom. Usually he is happy to sit next to the full-length mirror and play with a few of his toys that I bring in there with us. Well, I was thinking to myself how he sure was being good to play by himself while I was fixing my hair, but when I looked down I almost threw up…he had crawled over to the trash can and was laying down, playing with some clippings from Son’s electric razor that had missed the trash can…and his pacifier was laying in the middle of the pile of shaved facial hair! Then, when I reached down to get him he looked right at me and reached over and TOUCHED THE TOILET! (Kind of like he knew he wasn’t supposed to, but wanted to see what I did about it)


Who knows what he was doing with his paci before I looked down…I don’t even want to think about it! So go ahead and put this down as another reason that I will not win Mother Of The Year for 2010.

This makes me thing of the book “Love you Forever” when the little boy is in the bathroom & flushes his mothers watch down the toilet…she turned out to be an okay mother, so maybe there is still hope for me :)

love you forever

I think we keep a relatively clean house…but starting this weekend the Vuong Household is going to a whole new level of clean!! I think this may be more important than baby-proofing!! I think I need to go to Sam’s Club and buy the industrial size of Clorox Bleach Wipes.


I was so ready for Collin to start crawling, but now I don’t know why I rushed it…

Of course as soon as I picked him up I immediately sat him on the bathroom counter and washed his hands/face/all other areas not covered by his PJ’s – and yeah, that paci, it is going in the trash!


the abernathy's said...

lolol. i love it! you are a great mom. give me a few more months and i will be posting many stories to make you feel way better about your abilities as a mother...i'm sure of it! sure wish i could meet your little man. he sounds precious! xo

Sybil said...

The book "I Love you Forever", that was one of the books that I loved to read to Dustin and Tyler when they were little. I still have the book to read to Dallas.

Angela said...

Haha!! That is Son's kid right there! He's cute even if he does have potty hands :)

Jennifer said...

Just wait! We've had to close our bathroom doors. Ellie loves to get in the trash or cruise around the toilet too. The other day I caught her about to drop one of her bath turtles in the toilet. These kids of ours are crazy!