Monday, February 22, 2010

Weekend Recap & Doctor’s Visit

We had a great weekend, and I hope that everyone else did too!  Why was it so great, you may ask??  Because we had absolutely nothing planned!!  Looking back over my calendar I think it has been over a month since we have just been able to spend a quiet weekend at home together.  We love being busy, but it’s nice sometimes just to take a break together :)

Friday night I came home from work and made one of my favorite recipes – sweet & sour pork.  I will have to post it some day, but it is a page I tore out of a Publix magazine several months ago, and it is sooo yummy!  The original recipe calls for it too cook in a crock-pot, but I have always used the “fast prep” method where you cook it in the stove & it still turns out great!

That night we decided to rent an on-demand movie…“The Hangover”.  I know, I know, just by the title you know that this is not going to be the most wholesome movie ever.  But it was pretty funny.  Son was voting for a scary move, and I wanted to see “Couples Retreat” so somehow we compromised on this one.  I have to admit that we were laughing out loud at several points throughout the movie…however I was VERY distracted when they found a baby & decided to take it for a ride in the back of a stolen police car with no car seat!!  I guess that’s the mommy in me, but seriously, you don’t just buckle an infant in with a regular seat belt…lol!!

The next morning Son got up with Collin & let mommy sleep in – what a gift!!  We unfortunately had a repeat of the biting incident…and after that Collin decided to go on a nursing strike for the rest of the day!  I guess he decided that if he couldn’t bite me he just wouldn’t eat anything??

We spent the rest of the morning taking Beau to vet (family trip!), cleaning the house, and hanging out.  Son made homemade burgers for lunch & Collin continued to refuse his milk in favor of baby food the rest of the day.

That afternoon daddy got to go fishing for the first time since Collin was born!  Waaay overdue!  And Collin & mommy went to the store for some grocery shopping.

That night I started to work on the 2nd car seat cover for Collin’s big boy car seat…long story, but the first one I made with too much padding & tried to make it too complicated.  I was trying to make it extra soft for him so I added an extra layer of padding, then I also tried to be really fancy and make it reversible (all of this without a pattern) and it just didn’t turn out right.  I was pretty close, but with the extra padding I didn’t take into account needing to make the fabric pieces bigger, so it ended up being about an inch too small all the way around…oops!  Oh well, I learned from the first “sample” & and am now on to Round 2…this time we are going for a simpler 1-sided version.  I’ll post pics when it’s finished :)

The next morning (Sunday) the nursing strike continued, and by this point I was getting pretty worried.  It was daddy’s day to sleep in, but I think he could tell I was upset so he got up with us and helped me get about 4 ounces from a bottle in Collin.  We went to Sunday School & I think I told every person I saw about Collin not eating…mommy was worried about her little man!  We got some good advice from several of our “nursing buddies” in the nursing room at church, but fortunately he decided that he would eat again during our usual time between SS and Big Church.  I was soo happy!

After church we went to a Chicago pizza place for lunch with a group of friends.  It was downtown at the landing on the water, and it was such a beautiful day that we got to sit outside on the patio & enjoy the sun & the water!

That afternoon mommy even had her own nap time – see, I told you this was a good weekend!  Then it was back to church Sunday night.

This morning Collin had a doctors appointment to check out a rash that he has had on his diaper area for about a week.  I wanted to get it checked out because it looked a little different than a regular diaper rash or his eczema, and it wasn’t going away using the diaper rash cream or hydrocortisone.  Turns out it is a yeast infection!  I thought that only women got those, but it turns out that it is pretty common in babies too…so we got another prescription and were on our way.  Oh yeah, he weighs 19 POUNDS now!!!  I have a big little boy :)

19 pounds!!

Happy Monday!



Angela said...

Yay for Collin deciding to eat! I hate it when Dallas won't nurse like she's supposed to. We did nothing all day on Saturday, too! It was so nice! And you definitely need to post the recipe for sweet and sour pork and pics of the car seat --- the one you're doing now and the one that didn't work. See? I'm giving you all kinds of blogging material :)

Southern Belle Mama said...

Wow! Your little boy is a "big" boy now! I think Bug is almost 19 lbs too. Glad you had a great weekend, and do share that recipe one day!