Monday, March 15, 2010

Our first 15k & Collin’s photo shoot

We had a wonderful weekend here in The Vuong Family!  Saturday morning Collin & I got up early and went to the Gate River Run!!  We had a great time with our group of “speed walkers” – we had 6 ladies + 4 babies = TONS OF FUN!!  The babies were SO GOOD in their little jogging strollers.  (Jennifer gets the “strong arms” award for pushing Brookelynne in her regular Graco travel system!)  Fortunately we had 2 “relief pushers” in Susan and Rachel.  Also along with us were Angela & Dallas and Whitney & Max.

Here we are after finishing the 15k – Collin is celebrating with some cheerios!

jog1 jog2

I was so proud of myself for remembering the camera, but at the start of the race when I got it out to take some pictures I realized that I had left the memory card in our computer at home.  Rachel took these pics with my phone, but she & Jennifer both had their cameras & they promised to email the rest of us the pictures…remember girls, I know where you live!  They got some great pictures including all of us at the finish line & all of the babies wearing our finisher medals.

That night we had a dinner celebration for my birthday with 21 of our friends (plus 5 babies) at La Nopalera – yummy!!

Then yesterday I asked Son, “Is my birthday over?” – with a big pouty face & frown…

Son: “I think 3 birthday cakes is enough.”

Julie: “Okay, good point.”

And I will leave you with the results of Collin’s latest photo session!  Now I just have to decide which ones to order – of course I want one of each, but that really doesn’t fit in our budget these days…unfortunately!

I am in LOVE with this…


And this…



The toy giraffe and dog were actually mine when I was Collin’s age.  I couldn’t say giraffe, so his name is “Raff-raff”.  The little dog makes a barking noise when you pull him along the floor, and Collin loved it!!  It was so cute to watch him play with it, pulling the string around the floor to make the dog bark!  My mom pulled them out for Collin when we got to Tyler, and they were so cute that I wanted to bring them with us to the picture appointment.

I am also in love with these…


image image

And this…


Collin is turning into quite the little celebrity around Tyler (or at least he thinks he is)…he has has his picture taken each time we have been there for a visit, and we still have 1 more session left in our package that we will take advantage of in September when we are in town for Becca’s wedding!

Thanks to Batten Photography for being so great with Collin!  If you want to see all the wonderful pictures that they took, you can click this link here!

Happy Monday!



Southern Belle Mama said...

Congrats congrats on your, what an accomplishment! I also love you little man's pictures! He is just adorable and that outfit is precious! :) Hope you had a Happy Birthday!

the abernathy's said...

Wowwwsa!!! 15k?! I saw the pictures of you and Collin in his stroller before I started reading and knew right away I was going to comment on how teenie tiny skinnyinnie you are!!! Then I read on to see why!!! I'm so impressed! And you look terrific! Collin is soo handsome. The firstbpicture is my fave! I love all his hair! That outfit is precious too! I had that same toy dog :) how great your mom saved those! Glad you had fun in TX! Wish you were coming back in May when I'll be having my baby shower :( that would be so fun, and I'd love to meet Collin!! Have a great week, enjoy scrubbing your floors :) glad I could be an inspiration, lol!