Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Proud Daddy

So yesterday when Son picked up Collin from school he had to sign an “Incident Report”…normally when we get one of these Collin has had a minor bump or scratch – normal stuff for a little boy with no fear who is learning to crawl/stand/etc.

But yesterday was different.  Apparently Collin had plowed over two other babies while he was crawling - and he scratched them while he was running them over like little speed bumps…

Hubby’s response: “That’s my boy!”


Jonathan and Sarah said...

ha ha sounds like Jonahtan! I had Noah at the park one day & a kid was being pretty mean but Noah was still trying to play with him, then the kid pushed Noah and next thing I know Noah decks the kid in the face. Then they were both crying... Jonathan was like, good he defended himself! I had to explain to Noah though next time just go do something else with someone who isn't so mean..haha