Saturday, July 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Hubby


On your birthday I just wanted to let you know how much you are appreciated every single day.  (So hopefully you will read my blog this week).  I think that to say I have the best husband in the entire world would be an understatement…I seriously do not think I could function without you! 

I think over the past year our relationship has strengthened and deepened to a whole new level – and I love the direction that we are headed together

Thank you for being there when I need you & for being the balance that I so desperately need in life. 

Thank you for giving me “love” when I need it :)

Thank you for constantly reminding me to focus on Christ and to find my joy in Him.

Thank you for telling me I am the best mommy ever, even when I am not.

Thank you for being the hands-on dad that most of the time knows what Collin needs/wants even better than I do.

Thank you for making me laugh every day.

Thank you for always asking for my input on decisions for the family both big ones and small.

Thank you for putting up with my crazy ideas, and being there to help me succeed when I would fail on my own.

Thank you for supporting me so that I can stay home with Collin & for always telling me how glad you are that I am a SAHM.

Thank you for everything you do every single day to make this life so wonderful for me & “Collinito”.

Happy Birthday Hubby!



Kim said...

What a sweet post for your hubby! We went to hands-on museum yesterday with Carley. She loves that place way more than I do. Ok the book is a self-help girls discussion book and it is called UNsqueezed by Margot Starbuck. Very thought provoking!