Sunday, July 4, 2010

My Heart Melted!

This morning as we were driving to church I turned around to Collin and asked him, “Who loves Collin?” 

Not really expecting an answer…until he replied, “Ma-ma”.

Melt my heart!  He has no idea how right he is :)

We have been SOOOO busy lately, and I always have way too much in my head to write down…but here are some of the highlights.

Family beach trip last Saturday afternoon!  Collin is really starting to love the beach, but I am afraid he is getting a little too comfortable.  This time he was screaming because he wanted to stand in the waves by himself without holding my hand (big no-no since we were in water up to his chest)!

upload 742010 024

And then building sandcastles with daddy…they also flew a kite that day.

upload 742010 021


I also took Collin to the Hands-On Children’s Museum a few weeks ago.  I do have to say that I was a little disappointed.  However, I may have had my expectations set too high based on the AMAZING Hands-On Children’s Museum we had in Tyler growing up.  We did have a lot of fun, although I had to check my germ-a-phobia at the door…that is until the daycare buses pulled up.  Can we just say that 50 running, screaming elementary age kids running all over the place really didn’t make me feel very comfortable letting Collin play freely…so we ate a snack then headed out.

I think I would take Collin back because he really enjoyed it in the beginning, but I will probably call ahead to see if they have any groups scheduled that day.  One good part was that they have a room designated for 3 & Under kids, which we had all to ourselves with Collin, Dallas, and Max…but it was your typical push-toys, play-houses, and other things I could go and buy for him at Babies-R-Us.

I will definitely be taking Collin to the museum in T-Town next time we are there!!  Here are some pictures of our outing:

Wheeeee!  Collin loves slides!

upload 742010 002 upload 742010 015 upload 742010 018

Pushing Dallas around in the 3 & Under room :)  I love this picture because Dallas is soooo tall compared to Collin.  I guess that makes sense because Dallas’ mommy is much taller than I am :)

upload 742010 019 

PS – isn’t it funny how motherhood can change so much??  Just 2 years ago I would have been sitting out on the back porch with my hubby enjoying the fireworks over the pond behind our house…now I am about to go outside and sit on the porch with hubby to watch them because he is begging me too, but the whole time I will be stressing out about them waking up Collin and running in every few minutes to check on him.

But that’s just because “Ma-ma” loves him so much :)

Happy 4th of July!


Rachel said...

He is such a sweet boy! Dallas' legs do look really long in that picture!

Caroline's Blog said...

Just found your blog today and I appreciate you reading in on Caroline's occassionally. we woudllove to get together with you guys sometime. Have a happy summer. I also have felt your germ a phobic feelings at the hands - on - museum!!! HA! Ha! - Kim