Wednesday, July 21, 2010

“No! No! No!”

Last night as we were having our “family play time” after dinner I was holding Collin’s hand and letting him climb up on a toy that really wasn’t made to climb on.  Hubby pointed out what I already knew…that it wasn’t a good idea to help him climb on it since he would think it was okay and might try it later without my help and hurt himself.  I agreed, but pointed out that I felt like all I ever do is tell Collin, “No”.

Collin really is a very good little boy, but he is so curious and adventurous that he is always trying to get into something or test his boundaries.  I know that I have to tell him “No” at least a million times a day when he tries to…throw things at the screen of our brand new TV…pull cords behind the computer desk…unplug from the wall  anything that he can get to…pull the dog’s tail…dump out the dog’s water dish…throw anything he gets his hands on into the toilet…reach his hands into the toilet…

I could go on and on, but you get the point, right?

So this morning I wake up to what sounds like Collin saying “No! No! No!” in his crib.  I go and get him up and sure enough he has learned a new word: “No!”

It has been really cute this morning because he has been walking around saying “No!” to anyone and anything he can.  So far he has pointed his finger and said “No! No! No!” to Beau, his high chair, his sippy cup, and the TV. 

I am sure the “cuteness” will wear off once he learns to start telling me “No Mommy!”, but for now I think it is adorable :)

In other news, we are getting back into our normal routine & schedule after being at church all week last week for VBS.  Collin & I had a great time!  I was serving in the infant room, so I had the 8 most adorable little cuties to love on, and I had the pleasure of working with 5 of the sweetest ladies at FBC.  What a pleasure!

I was also soooo happy that Collin ended up in the room with all of his Sunday School teachers.  I think that really helped him with being apart from me all week – that he was with familiar faces.

Some of my favorite pictures from last week -

upload 742010 346

Collin at the petting zoo – he was really brave :)

upload 742010 349

Collin with all the ladies – Lucy, Chloe & Alexandra.

After a long week of VBS, what’s the natural thing to do?  Host a baby shower for a sweet friend at my house Saturday morning!  I think we were all pretty tired, but it turned out to be a great shower.  Most of the babies were with their daddies, so the ladies had a great time just catching up and helping celebrate Jennifer & Justin Alligood’s little boy :)

upload 742010 362

The hostesses with the guest of honor (Angela, Me, Jennifer A., Annie & Whitney)…I have a really weird look on my face?!?

Our friend Jennifer W. also came into town with her adorable little girl Ellie, so we were super excited to see them.  Ellie is about a month older than Collin & she knows how to “Give a Kiss”…Collin’s look is priceless :)

upload 742010 366

Girls the next morning in Sunday School (Whitney & Max, Winnie & Clara, Me & Collin, Jennifer & Ellie)

upload 742010 373

Tomorrow is Collin’s 15-month check up with Dr. Kim!  I am so excited to know officially how big he is!  Who knows, I may even have to write 2 posts in 1 week!