Monday, April 6, 2009

Happy Monday!

I am so excited that is really hard for me to pay attention at work this morning (hence my "time-out" to post on the blog!) My mom is on her way to Florida & will be staying with us for the next several weeks. We are so grateful that she will be here when Collin arrives, and to help us transition into parenthood!

We originally thought that she would be here last night, but due to a problem with her tire she had to stay the night in Tallahassee last night & wait for the Cadillac dealership to open this morning. That was incredibly frustrating to know that she was so close - less than 3 hours away!! They are replacing her tire now & she should be back on the road soon. Yea!

I still have no idea when Collin will decide to arrive, I had convinced myself that he was on the way on Friday...I had been up all night Thursday night with some tightening and a terrible backache, and then on Friday everyone at work told me they thought that he had "dropped" (although since I am so short I am not sure that it would be so obvious - he doesn't have that far to go!). But since then there hasn't been much action - just a few braxton-hicks every now & then. Then, yesterday at church I had 3 different people tell me that I was still carrying really who knows what's really going on??

Happy Monday!



Elizabeth said...

yea! he will be here so SOON!!! :) I am so excited that your Mom will be here with you guys!

the abernathy's said...

so exciting! really happy for you, your "bag packing" entry is too cute. i could just feel the rush and anticipation as i read through fun!!! you will do great ;)