Thursday, April 2, 2009

"My Bags are Packed & I'm Ready to Go" (Almost)

No, I'm not "leaving on a jet plane", but I am getting ready for a life-changing the hospital!

I had a doctor's appointment Tuesday that really made me realize that Collin will be coming soon! I am still not dilated (sp?) but everything else that needs to happen to start the process has. The doctor also estimated that he weighs approximately 6 1/2 pounds - how cute! I have also started to maybe feel some Braxton Hicks contractions? I'm really not sure at this point since they don't hurt too bad & are not really frequent, but I think there is something going on!

My friend Rachel gave me this idea - and to update this list after the big event to let people know what I couldn't live without, what I really didn't need, and what I wished I had but didn't. So, here is what I have so far...

Here is what I packed in Collin's bag:

4 Outfits (complete with matching hats and booties) - Okay, I know that 4 may be a little overboard since we already know that the hospital will supply clothing for the first few days and since we will only be there for 2 days, but it was really hard to decide on my favorite outfits! Son's favorite is a FSU onesie that he bought - it says "My first FSU T-Shirt" - with a FSU hat and matching booties that our friends Winnie & Alan gave us. I packed the cutest "going home outfit" that my neighbor Frances from TX bought us. It is light blue with smocking at the top.

Receiving Blankets - I picked out a really cute elephant one that my Aunt Becky gave me at Christmas, a matching polka dot one from the same set, and a lamb one from our friend Joy (I just got this one on Sunday since Joy wasn't able to make it to the shower & it was too cute!).

Burp Cloths - Our friend Catherine gave us an adorable giraffe print burp cloth with Collin's initials embroidered on it that I just had to include!

Pacifier - We really haven't decided if we are going to give Collin a pacifier yet (I put "do not offer pacifier" in my Birth Plan), but I wanted to bring one just in case...It is a really cute green mini neo pacifier that my mom gave us - she already had a stocking made up for Collin this year at Christmas, and she had given him about 4 or 5 different types of paci's to try!

Diapers & Wipes - this also might be unnecessary since the hospital provides these also, but it was weird packing the diaper bag without any diapers in it, plus I got the cutest diapers & wipes case that I wanted to pack (am I going a little overboard here?)

Car Seat & Base - okay, this isn't actually "in" the bag, but it's by the back door - close enough

I still haven't finished packing my own bag...most of the stuff that I want to bring I use on a daily basis (toiletries, toothbrush, slippers, etc) so I am not sure how that is going to work if I have to go straight to the hospital & Son has to go home to pick up the bags!! I can just imagine what he would pack - it would probably be pretty funny!

I did go out last week & buy some comfy PJ's from Old Navy & Target. I know that I could just wear the hospital gown like everyone else, but those things are definitely not made for someone my size & I just feel really unattractive in them - I know this will probably be the last thing on my mind once Collin arrives, but is it so wrong to want to look decent in the million pictures that we are going to take at the hospital??

I originally wanted one of the BYOG gowns ( until I found out how much they cost - I don't need to spend $95 on something that I am going to wear once (but they are super cute)! When I finally do get around to packing here is what I plan on bringing:

Julie's Bag (To Be Packed Soon):

Extra Fluffy Pillow

Blanket - probably one of the quilts my grandmother made me & a few smaller throws - I've heard that it can get pretty cold in the hospital

PJ Pants & Tops

Cute "going home" outfit




DVD's - probably Fireproof, Disney movies, and an action movie for Son

Camera & Charger

Cell Phone Charger

**Do any of you have more ideas of things that I need to bring?? I am totally clueless here (all I have to go by is a list I got in Lamaze class). I would love some suggestions here on what I need to bring for myself, Son & Collin!! Please leave a comment if you have a suggestion.



PS - Only 11 more days! I can't wait!


Rachel said...

Oh Julie- I just love this post. Yes, I could only imagine what kind of things Son would pack for you if your bag was not ready. If I were to add anything it would be a nail file for Collin's nails so he doesn't scratch his face, snacks, and Metamucil. (I have heard you need a little extra fiber). I can't wait to hear about what you needed/didn't need/ wanted because that means that Collin will be here!

Son and Julie said...

Snacks is a great idea...I totally forgot about that! Thanks!

Elizabeth said...

love this post....of course....I will just be waiting to find out what you really DID like/not like...what you really needed, etc. I AM SO EXCITED!!!

Jennifer said...

Hey Julie! It sounds like you have everything and then some. I totally understand not wanting to wear the hospital gown...I only did it the first night. It is too wierd to try to nurse in it and everything. The hospital has about everything that collin will need other than something to wear home, and there are lots of blankets there for you! When I was in labor I was freezing and they actually brought me blankets that had been in a warmer and it was great! Make sure that Son takes stuff to do too. Jon got really bored for the 15 hours that he was waiting. Love you! We can't wait! Call me if you need anything or need to talk!

Jennifer said...

Oh! And most newborn clothes are going to be HUGE on him, especially if he is only 6 1/2lbs, so just be prepared! I have several newborn things for Ellie and they fall off of her and she was 7. It's really funny to see them, because you look at the clothes and think they are tiny and then you put them on the baby and they are big...just an FYI.