Monday, April 13, 2009

Patiently (or not) Waiting

Today is the DUE DATE!! But still no baby Vuong :(

Over the last week since my mom has been in town we have completed the following "nesting" activities (with Son's help too):

Moved all furniture & cleaned floors
Dusted - everything!
Re-organized and cleaned out pantry & fridge
Bought & hung wall & other decorative items in the house
Weeded front yard flower beds & planted new flowers
Re-organized cabinets in bathrooms & scrubbed every square inch of the bathrooms
Bought new throw pillows for our bedroom
5 million loads of laundry - Son & I have never had so many clean clothes in our lives!
Found laundry basket for baby room & sewed new lining out of matching nursery fabric
Painted, framed & hung wall decorations in baby room
Found & hung mirror in baby room over changing table
Covered nursing stool in baby room
Installed car seat base in both cars
Re-organized baby closet & assembled baby monitor & bath tub
Visited Collin's school so my mom could see where he will be staying
Gone shopping multiple times - at least 1x per day!

The only problem is that we have pretty much cleaned every inch of the house, bought/hung up every type of decorative item that I had been putting off getting for the house, and done anything we could possibly think of in the baby's now that we are officially ready, Collin is still not cooperating.

I am thinking about even resorting to going to work for a little while tomorrow! Seriously - this is getting desperate!!

Here are some pictures of what we have been up to lately...

Our friends Jeff & Rachel stopped by on Easter Sunday! We were hoping that baby Collin would be here for them to meet, but they will be back in town again in May.
Yes, I realize that I look like total crap in this picture - but I had a terrible migrane the night before & only slept from about 8am until noon. I was super upset that I wasn't able to make it to church on Easter Sunday!

Here are Son & Beau relaxing after a hard day of work!
Son & De-de hanging the pictures that we painted for Collin's room - they did the hard work & I just sat on the floor saying "a little to the left, no, to the right".
Car seat installation - Son reading the directions (only because I asked him too - hey, Collin's life may depend on it!) & of course Beau had to help us. Then the finished installation in my car.
I have another doctor's appointment tomorrow afternoon - so hopefully we will see more progress then! Big numbers, please!


Jennifer said...

Be glad you are just now finishing...Ellie was due on a Wednesday, and since we were praying she would come the weekend before we had everything finished by I had about a week and a half with just waiting! I know it's miserable! I feel your pain...or lack of it so far ;c)

Rachel said...

Jeff and I were taking bets in the car on the way home. He guessed you would have Collin tomorrow at 534pm. I guessed Thursday at 1230pm. Can't wait for him to arrive!

Spencer and Emily said...

Julie! The nursery looks so cute! I know yall are getting super anxious for Collin to come! Can't wait to see him! and I know yall can't either! :)

the abernathy's said...

haha seriously julie...has anyone every been quite this prepared :) lucky baby boy!!!

Juliee D said...

Hi Julie
Just wanted you to know I was thinking and praying for you. Try to rest up because after Collin gets here - you won't get near as much sleep as you crave. Give your mom a hug for me!

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