Monday, November 16, 2009

Update & Happy 7-Months Collin

This morning finally came (it seemed like forever waiting to hear what the doctor would say) and then the answer was a very anti climactic “wait and see”. Basically I still have the infections, I need to continue the antibiotics & he will see me back in 2 weeks…2 WEEKS??? Seriously, I don’t know if I can make it!

I was relieved that he didn’t see overly concerned that I would be deaf the rest of my life, but I think that I will have to start carrying around a notepad for people to write me messages on.

I have already been stopped twice today in the hallway at work by someone asking me to please stop yelling…how embarrassing!! I guess that when I can’t hear what the other person is saying I raise my own voice too!!

In happier news...Collin is 7-Months old today!!!!! I can not believe it! Lately here is what he has been up to:

  • He now says "da da" regularly - he also growls it & shrieks it at the top of his lungs!
  • Yesterday he absolutely broke my heart when twice he started crying when I was holding him & Son left the room - isn't it supposed to be mommy that he cries for??
  • Loves all toys that make noise / move / light up. His favorite is a Fisher Price zoo toy that I bought from a garage sale across the street for $1! It has little animals with wheels that move around the zoo & it sings silly songs abotu the animals - what a bargain!
  • Eats cereal with fruit for breakfast & a veggie for dinner - I should probably let him start on the meats but I just can't bring myself to face the smell :)
  • Was 16 lbs 5 ounces at doctor's appointment last week
  • Goes to bed around 8pm (he tries to go to bed earlier but mommy tries to keep him up so he won't wake up at 4am)
  • Refuses any formula when they try to give it to him at school (he would rather only drink 2 bottles of breastmilk during the day & wait for me to get home to nurse)
  • Got the swine flu & regular flu shot - I know this is controversial, but with him being in school we prayed about it & felt that the benefits outweighed the risks

Now all I have to do is decide what he should wear for his 7-month pictures that I am going to take tonight...Collin's biggest problem is that he has so many cute outfits it takes forever for me to decide what he should wear each day :)

Happy Monday!!


Rachel said...

I sure hope you are feeling better soon! I would have been embarrassed too wondering how loud was I really :-)

Can't wait to see Collin's pictures... he is such a cutie!

Elizabeth said...

Happy 7 Months Collin! :) You are too cute!!!