Friday, November 6, 2009

Collin's First Group Play Date & The Reason We Ate Chinese Take-Out Last Night!

This past weekend Collin had one of his first official "play dates" with 3 of his best friends! We had a great time getting all the babies together while all the daddies were at the FSU or UF football games!

Our friends John & Jenn Walker came into town for the UF game with Ellie, and the rest of the guys went to Tallahassee for the FSU game.

Best Friends - unfortunately they don't have a choice in the matter :)

Okay mommies, this is getting old - I think 100 pictures is plenty!

The mommies :)

Hanging out at Target!

Saturday morning Collin & I had met Annie & her sisters for brunch @ Panera. Jenn, Ellie & Emily all met us afterwards & we did a little shopping at Jo Ann's, Target, Banana, and baby Gap!

Collin the superhero & daddy @ Mojo's Friday night - yummy!
And here's a little something that happened at the Vuong house last night...Collin had another ear infection so I had a late doctor's appointment with him & by the time we got to the pharmacy to get his prescription it was late. Son offered to make dinner since we would be home after him (such a great hubby!!)
Anyways, we were having Paula Dean's Shrimp Gumbo Casserole (I highly recommend this - it is awesome!) and I had the recipe laying out on the cabinet. If you have ever made one of Paula's recipes, she usually calls for some of her "house seasoning" to be added. The recipe for shrimp gumbo said (among other ingredients):
1 1/4 teaspoon house seasoning, recipe follows
Then, at the bottom of the page it had the recipe for the house seasoning:
1 cup salt
1/4 cup garlic powder
1/4 cup black pepper
When I got home the first thing Son said was that the gumbo sure had a lot of salt in it and that he didn't think that a cup of salt sounded right, but that is what the recipe called for so he put it in...haha!! I about died laughing!! If you look at the picture below you can see all of the pepper flakes (since he also added 1/4 cup pepper) so just think that there is 4x that much salt in there. Needless to say the gumbo was ruined, but we sure had a good time laughing about it!

So we ended up having Chinese last night...Happy Friday!


Rachel said...

I think my arteries clogged just looking at that! Haha too funny!

Elizabeth said...

Ohhhh!!! Hysterical!! I can't wait to try that recipe - Paula's way, NOT Son's! :) we are on our 3rd ear infection...I feel your pain!!!