Friday, November 13, 2009

Worst week ever!

I have just been sick...I mean the kind of sick where you would be REALLY HAPPY if the rapture happened like that exact second, sick! I never had ear infections growing up...but that really came back to bite me BIG TIME this week.

I had been sick with a cold last week, but had started to feel better. On Monday around lunch time I started to feel like my ears were full of water or needed to pop - it quickly got more & more painful until I was bawling my eyes out driving the after hours clinic that night after I put Collin to bed. Well, I finally got to the clinic and after enduring the terrible swine flu test that they said they give everyone they finally told me that I had a double ear infection, gave me a Z-Pack and sent em on my way.

I started the antibiotic that night and was maxing out on Tyleonl for the pain. It was so painful that I don't think I slept more than 30 minutes at a time. I thought that I just needed to give the medicine more time...but by Tuesday afternoon when it was actually getting worse, and not better I decided to call my regular doctor & they got me in Wednesday morning. Tuesday I couldn't eat much of anything and was having a really tough time keeping the medicine down as well. By this time my hearing was really affected also & I couldn't hear anythign unless it was right up next to my ear (like a cell phone). I was in so much pain that I couldn't even drive myself to the doctor Wednesday morning, so I called my BFF Annie & she took me - THANK YOU ANNIE!!!!

My doctor looked in my ears and said that the Z-PAck was not strong enough, so they gave me a different antibiotic, a med for the nausea, and a shot for the pain. Let me just say that I DO NOT LIKE NEEDLES - like I have a fear of them - but that was the best shot I ever got in my life. Annie took me to get the new prescriptions (and a Sprite) and then I went home and was finally able to sleep for like 4 hours - it was AWESOME!

Unfortunately that wore off, but I have been able to keep the pain under control with Ibuprofen better, but I still couldn't hear hardly anything - majorly not okay!! And I also started having to sleep with a towel over my pillow because of all the nasty draining that was going on...So I called the doctor again and they brought me back in this morning. Basically they said that it was beyond what they could handle, gave me a 3rd antibiotic to try & referred me to see an ENT (but they only gave me 5 days of the antibiotic because they wanted to make sure that I saw someone - that seems a little cruel, right?).

There were 2 ENT's in the same building so I just stopped by each office and found one that will see me Monday morning...I am sure everything will be fine but the thought of losing part of my hearing is very scary!!


Rachel said...

No wonder you didn't post all week! Annie is such a good friend isn't she?!?!?!

I sure hope you are feeling better soon. Being sick with an ear infection is no fun. I had my first one this year and you are right, Ouch!

Angela said...

Aww!!! I knew you sounded pretty sick when I talked to you earlier this week, but I had no idea it was this bad!! I definitely be praying for you that you'll feel better sooooon!

Mitchell and Jennifer said...

I'm really sorry to hear that Julie! I'm sooo sorry! I hope that they get it under control soon, I know what you're going through though. I had a triple ear infection my senior year in high school and my mom thought I was dying because I was pretty much screaming in pain for hours until the medicine kicked in. They gave me tylonal w morphine though before I left the doctors office that day so I was able to sleep for 8 hours. I wish they had given you something like that!

PS If you ever need someone to help you out, especially during the week, just give me a call, I'm here all week by myself and wouldn't mind at all! :)

Elizabeth said...

YUCK JULIE!!! THAT is SOOOO horrible!!! I started getting ear infections as an adult - for some reason they go along WITH my sinus infections...and they are the worst!!! sure makes you have sympathy for your little baby when they have one...I always get a steroid shot as well - to help with the additional sinus/congestion/drainage...worth a try!!! feel better soon!!!