Monday, November 30, 2009

What, tomorrow is December??

I hope that everyone had a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving!! I know that we were very busy, Son was working a lot, but we had a great time and ate lots of good food! And I cannot believe that tomorrow is December...seriously, where did 2009 go??

Here is a one of the highlights of our holiday last week – the Greenburg Turkey!!! ( These are the best turkeys around & my parents were nice enough to ship one to us just in time for Thanksgiving! We had to get a picture of Collin with the bag because he was about the same size as the turkey – seriously it was huge! It was so yummy!!
After we ate on Thursday, we got out all the Christmas decorations & put up the tree. I think this is our new family tradition!! Growing up we always went to Austin for our family Thanksgiving and put the tree up when we got back to Tyler, but with Son working in retail he is soooo busy the day after Thanksgiving, so we put out tree up that day. We had fun getting everything out & Collin was content watching us put all of the ornaments on the tree. Here is Collin playing with some of the decorations & what the tree looked like when we were finished.

Of course that wore us all out and Collin crashed out on the floor with a belly full of “turkey milk”.

Friday Son had to be at work at 5am - I seriously don’t know how he does it!! He wanted a set of surround sound speakers that were on special for part of his Christmas present, so Collin & I got up and were there right after they opened at 6am to buy the speakers for Son. (**Note: Son told me not to worry about getting up early since he thought they would have plenty, but I was so worried about them selling out that we were there right at 6 – later that day when Son came home he told me that there were still 6 sets left! Oh well…if we hadn’t gotten up early they would have all been sold out!) After that we came home for a while until after Collin’s morning nap, and then we headed out again for more shopping. Collin is my little partner in crime! He loves shopping as long as he is in the stroller being pushed around. This probably won’t last much longer, so I am going to take advantage as long as I can before he realizes that shopping is for girls J

Saturday Collin & I stayed home most of the morning playing while Son went to work (of course, Beau had a great time playing too).

Saturday when Son got home we all headed down to St. Augustine for some outlet shopping! And then we went to the Night of Lights in downtown St. Augustine – it was a little chilly, but we had a great time. It was so pretty & we got some good pictures…

For some reason Collin decided to wake up at 4:30am on Saturday & Sunday morning! But thankfully Son was nice & got up with him on Sunday so I could sleep in a little. Son also made us pancakes for breakfast – yummy!! Collin looked like such a bog boy when we got him ready for church that we took a few more pictures.

Next up is our trip to TEXAS on Friday!!! I CANNOT WAIT!!


Rachel said...

What a wonderful break you all had! Collin gets cuter everyday... seriously! Hope you have a great time in Texas- I know your family can't wait to see you!

Angela said...

I love all of the pictures in this post! Collin is such a good baby!! I'm glad y'all had a nice Thanksgiving!

Erin said...

Your Collin is too cute! I love his little argyle sweater vest!