Monday, December 14, 2009

Giant Christmas Posting

We had an AWESOME trip to Texas this past week - we were so busy that it could take me several pages to go over everything that we did, but here are a few of the highlights & several pictures to tell you about our First Christmas!!

My favorite parts of the trip:

1. Date night with my hubby! We saw a move - The Blind Side (I highly recommend it) and went to dinner at a new seafood restaurant in Tyler (Fish City Market - also very good!) Then we stopped by Brookshire's on the way home to pick up baby wipes :) - boy our dates nights sure have changed!!

2. Sewing with my mom - we always seem to have a project to work on & this time it was making stockings for me, Son & Collin. They turned out great & I just have to find somewhere to take them to have them monogrammed.

3. Eating at my favorite "Texas Only" places: Country Tavern Ribs, Schlotzky's Deli, and Luby's Cafeteria

4. Getting my hair done by Sue - she is the best!!

5. Seeing Collin with all of the family & friends that were able to spend time with him!

6. Seeing my parent's house decorated for Christmas! The lights were up on the house & my mom had literally every room decorated for the holiday - that was a great way to get us in the Christmas spirit early!

7. Son's favorite part of the trip = shooting at the gun range with my dad & visiting about every gun shop in Tyler!

And now for the pictures...feel free to just ignore if you are tired about hearing about how great Texas is or how much fun we had with my family!

Son & Collin in the airport waiting for our flight to Dallas - I came back from getting a Peppermint Mocha at Starbucks & Collin was sitting in his own chair waiting on the plane - what a big boy!

Collin opening his first Christmas gift - pj's from Jimbo & Dede!! Santa couldn't wait - Collin opened several presents before the official celebration...but that's probably a good thing because he had so many!!

The new Hartung Family tradition - matching pj's for the girls that we open Christmas Eve - here are me & Son with my sister, Becca, and her boyfriend Warren.

The girls in our jammies - me, Becca & mom :)

Jimbo & Dede with Collin - they were sweet enough to take Collin each morning at 6:30 when he woke up so that mom & dad could get a little more rest! My mom is probably going to kill me for posting a picture of her in her pj's, but I love this picture, so I am putting it up anyways! Plus, I think she looks great!

Me & mom working on our project - stockings for The Vuong Family!

Collin loved spending time with his great-grandparents Nana & Granddaddy!

We didn't have the baby bathtub with us & Collin is too big for the sink, but he was afraid of the big bathtub & cried every time we tried to put him the only logical thing to do was but on my mom's bathing suit from like 1990 and get in with him. Ha ha!!

Collin was fascinated with Jimbo's glasses & his facial hair!

I don't know about you, but I really don't think Collin got enough for Christmas...poor baby! Good thing we have 2 more Christmas celebrations left! (wink, wink!)

Nana helped us out several nights feeding the baby - here he is trying squash for the first time. He wasn't too sure about it at first, but ended up eating the whole jar!

Collin loves his Auntie Becca!! She is the best baby nail clipper ever - thanks sissy!

Dede and her baby!

Half-naked baby in his Christmas pj bottoms!

The Vuong Family just relaxing!

Aunt Becky - she had the magic touch for getting Collin to sleep and putting him in the crib without waking him up...I wish she lived in Jacksonville!

Cousin Landon!!

Chef Jimbo making us a full breakfast each morning - we had homemade biscuits, bacon, eggs, etc...yummy!!

Aunt Becca & Warren after they gave Collin his Christmas presents - lots of adorable clothes!! They also sent him a really cute walker/scooter to our house that he can open on Christmas.
My sister's new house in Dallas (McKinney) - too cute!! I LOVE it!

Becca, Collin & I take a tour of their new house - the are supposed to close tomorrow, but we all know how that can go - say a little prayer that it goes smoothly!

Is it too soon to start planning the next trip? I looked online at Southwest today & found tickets for $64 each way...


Rachel said...

I am so glad you had such a good time! The pictures are adorable and um, 64$ what a steal for plane tickets.

Erin said...

Julie he is just too cute! I can't believe how big he is already!