Monday, December 21, 2009

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas (again)!

Well, I have to admit that after celebrating our Christmas with my family week before last, I had started to feel like Christmas was over…that is until I went to Publix last night! (Yes, I am in love with a grocery store). Anyways, I was looking for jello for Son since he had a stomach bug this weekend, and right next to the jello was the cookie section, and in the cookie section was a package of the most wonderful Christmas cookies ever – Archway Bells & Stars!!!

These cookies bring back great memories – every year I knew that it was getting close to Christmas when my mom & I found that Brookshires had put out the Archway cookies. My mom always had wonderful homemade cookies, but for some reason these store bought goodies were always right up there with the homemade ones! My mom would let me decide which ones to buy (trees, bells, or stars) and they were always covered with Christmas red or green sprinkles…yummy!

I had given up trying to find these in Jacksonville, and figured that it was just another thing I was going to have to live without while in Florida. However, last night when I stumbled upon them I almost yelled with joy in the middle of aisle #7! Of course I had Collin with me – strapped on with our Ergo baby carrier – but when I tried to explain to him how amazingly awesome this discovery was he just didn’t seem to get it :)

I now have a renewed enthusiasm for Christmas (our second & third Christmas) which starts on Wednesday at our house, and then Friday at Son’s parents’ house – yea!!

Although I do have to admit that Archway has gotten a little cheap with the sprinkles, there weren't near as many sprinkles as I remember from the cookies we bought growing up (or compared to the pictures that I got from their website)...but they were still delicious!!

Also, needless to say I ate about half the box last night! But then I forgot to pack any in my lunch today – boo! Maybe I will have time to run to Publix at lunch today to get a box for the office…

Happy Monday!



Rachel said...

Yum!!! I want some after reading that post!