Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas 2 & 3 – Mostly Good, a little bad & one ugly

We celebrated Christmas #2 (our family Christmas at home) on the Wednesday night before Christmas, and it was a really sweet time. I was totally {pleasantly} surprised when Son gave me a GPS & a digital picture frame!! We had agreed not to spend much on each other this year, and I had picked out a new purse when we were in Texas that I bought as my Christmas, but apparently Son didn't stick to the rules {not that I really mind too much} J.
Beau with his new toy!
Collin opening one of his presents - like most babies the bows & wrapping paper were his favorite presents!

Son loaded pictures on the digital frame for me last night so I was able to enjoy it all day at work today…it was really nice when something stressful came up to be able to just take a mini time-out & scroll through the pictures to find a new favorite to display. Now I can't wait to get the GPS set-up in my car! I am going over to my friend Angela's house tonight for an Arbonne party that she is having, and even though I have been there a billion times I think I will try out the GPS to get there J

Christmas #3 (with Son's family in Pensacola) had a really rocky start {here comes the ugly} when we got a call about an hour outside of Pensacola that Son's dad's store had been robbed when he was closing up that day and that his dad was at the ER. The robber hit Son's dad with something (we have no idea what) and he ended up having to get about 30-stitches in his face – it was terrible! Needless to say we were praying for him the rest of the way there & we were so happy to see him when he got home that night! Seriously, what kind of person would so something like that – and on Christmas Eve of all times…the only explanation is that we live in a fallen, sinful world and there are crazy people out there. However, we all kept saying how we know that God was watching out for him because it could have been so much worse. We were just thankful that his injuries weren't any worse than they were.

After we {somewhat} got over the shock of that terrible event, we found out that Son's brother, Hao, with his wife Alex & son Gavin were not able to get a flight out of Colorado like they had planned (they had been there skiing all week). They were stranded there for a day {bad}, but finally made it home to Miami on Christmas Day. Unfortunately only Hao was able to make it to Pensacola the day after Christmas, but we were so glad that at least he was able to come.

On Christmas Day we enjoyed spending time with Son's sister Tram, Brian, and their son, Jaeden {this is the good}. They live in Hawaii & we just don't get to see them enough! I know that Collin & Jaeden would be good buddies if they lived closer together. We also got to spend time with Son's twin brother, Quoc, his wife Kim, and their daughter Lilo {also good}. I think Lilo is just about the sweetest baby in the whole world – but boy does she love her grandmother – any time that Son's mom tried to hold Collin, Lilo was very jealous – it was pretty cute to watch!

Before lunch time I started to work on making some cookies & some of the side dishes for the Christmas dinner when I started to feel sick…uh oh {here comes more of the bad}. Son had a 24-hour stomach virus last weekend, but Collin and I had been able to stay healthy so far – until Christmas Day. Let's just say that Son, Tram, and Kim all had to finish the cooking for me & I was pretty much confined to our bedroom upstairs & the bathroom all day Christmas Day & all the next morning…yuck! I missed Christmas dinner & wasn't able to watch the kids all open their Christmas gifts. The worst part was that once I started to feel a little better Brian was sick, and by the time we left to go home both Kim & Lilo were sick also…I feel so terrible that we brought it with us!!

Unfortunately since I was sick I really neglected the picture taking - but here is a great picture that I got the morning that we left - Tram, Me (Son's mom), Son, Collin & Hao.

So that is a wrap-up of all things Christmas – overall it was a great trip & we are still thankful that Son's dad is doing well!

Definitely a First Christmas that we will NEVER forget…


Rachel said...

Too bad you got a quick stomach bug... although it looks like it didn't ruin your holiday because it looks like you had a fabulous time!

I hope you have fun at Angela's.... I miss doing those kinds of things now that we are gone :-( What a good idea to use the digital frame at work... I will have to keep my eye on them when they go on sale!

Angela said...

I got a digital picture frame for Christmas, too, and I love it!! I took it to work already and put tons of pictures of Dallas on it.

Juliana said...

WOW--hopefully next Christmas will be a little less eventful! I love my digital picture frame...I cannot stop taking pictures!

I am now following your blog. Come on my to my bloggy blog and follow back if you would like. I am actually doing my very first giveaway woo hoo! Well, it was nice to "meet" you!

Juliana (A Blonde in A Blog)