Thursday, January 28, 2010

Overdue Pictures and Other Randomness…

I have not been doing too good on the posting of pictures in my blog lately, and since I really want to get this printed out like a scrapbook someday I like to add as many pictures as possible…
I finally had a few minutes tonight since Collin went to bed a little early, so here goes…I apologize in advance for the randomness of this posing :)
This was Collin’s 9-Months pictures.  There are some more serious shots that I will print out, but I just love his expression in this one!  It says “I am done with this mommy!”
This cracks me up – our friends John & Jen were in town a few weekends ago with their daughter Ellie.  It was a really fun, but long day filled with baby shower, lots of good girl time, and guys movie night.  Well we were at Brad & Whitney’s house around 8 or later (Collin’s bedtime) on Saturday night, and Collin was in desperate need of a bath before church the next morning.  And I knew that Collin would be asleep as soon as we got in the car…so we decided to bathe him there before we went home.  Jen was about to bathe Ellie, so they just had a little bath party!  It was really cute but Collin was a little unsure since before that he had always bathed either in his baby tub or with me (while we were in TX).
This picture was taken yesterday morning before I took Collin to school.  I just love his little tongue sticking out!  For some reason he loves that and does it all the time now…to sweet!  I call this his “karate kid” outfit.
And here is Collin last night – we put the legs on the leap frog music toy that Hao & Alex gave him for Christmas and let Collin practice pulling up on it.  He has been trying to pull up on his basketball goal toy, but it isn’t really stable enough unless we are holding it for him.

And finally – he is “crawling”!!!  Well, sort of.  See the video below.  And no, we don’t make him play with Beau’s toys, but that is the only thing that is interesting enough to him for him to make an effort to go after :)

I love this little guy!!
BTW – thanks to a tip from McMommy I also downloaded Windows Live Writer for my blog & it is AWESOME!!!!  Pictures are SO much easier (and everything else too).  If you blog you need to get it too: Click Here
In other good news…tomorrow is Friday!  Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend.  It is going to be busy for us with Pastor’s Conference, Son is working Saturday, and then we are going to Cantina Laredo for a friend’s birthday – yum!!


Jennifer said...

That picture of Collin and Ellie is too funny! You'll have to e-mail me a copy!

Ellie has that Leap Frog table and loves it! Just wait until you are singing along with it (that's the best!).

The video is great! Just wait! You'll be baby proofing cabinets before you know it! Miss you guys!

Rachel said...

I love that picture of Ellie and Collin. Their expressions are just adorable.

The army crawl works for Collin. I am sure in no time you will not be able to slow him down!

Southern Belle Mama said...

Love the pic of Collin standing at his Leap Frog table...what's funnier is that we just put the legs on Bug's and she was standing at hers just like that last night too! Milestones are coming and going too fast!

Angela said...

That video is too cute! I can't believe he's already big enough to crawl! They are growing up way too fast!!

Kristin said...

Such a little cutie! I feel like my lil' dude was that age a minute ago. Now he's almost 19 months and a wild man!

Sybil said...
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