Monday, July 26, 2010

15 Months

Last week before we left for Pensacola, I took Collin to his 15-month appointment with Dr. Kim.  Here is the latest on my little munchkin :)

Weight: 21lbs 7.5oz

Height: 29.5”

Teeth: cut #7 this weekend (bottom left side)

New Words: No, Outside “Siiiiide”,  What’s That “wasss tha”, Night-Night “ni-ni”, Ball “ba”

Foods: he still has his favorites, but he has started loving mandarin oranges and strawberries soooo much!  Other favorites include chicken nuggets (of course), any type of beans, grilled cheese, string cheese, yogurt, graham crackers, goldfish, mac n cheese, green beans (sometimes), ground beef, and mushrooms.  However, he has decided that he no longer likes peanut butter.  And the only things that he will let you spoon feed him are yogurt & applesauce…everything else he has to feed himself. 

We had a great time with Son’s family in Pensacola this weekend.  I have lots of great pictures that I will post, but for know I can sum it all up with a quote from my almost 3 year old nephew, Jaeden.

“This is a party, mom.  The best party ever!!” - Jaeden