Monday, March 16, 2009


Here are some recent pics of what we have been up to lately & of course the 36 week bump - it's now funny to call something so huge a "bump" I think mountain might be more appropriate!

Matt & Annie helping us out hanging the letters above the crib - as previously mentioned in another post, this project was not as easy as it looks...

Son goofing around with the diaper cake - I love this picture!

The 36-Week "Bump" haha - I think it is a little larger than normal because I just finished eating Chinese Food when this picture was taken - yum! I really wanted sweet & sour chicken and the veggie dinner - so Son ordered me both! How embarrasing that I ordered 2 entrees! Oh well, I guess I should take advantage of it now while I have somewhat of an excuse...and I am sure that Son will enjoy having the leftovers tomorrow!

Pictures from the wonderful shower that Rachel & Annie hosted for me:
Me & Angela

The wonderful hostesses - Rachel & Annie!!

What a cute table for all the goodies!

Tama, Angela & Jessica filling out the guest book pages - these were so fun to go through! Each guest had to draw a picture of me, tell a funny story about me or Son, and guess the details of when & how Collin would make his entrance into the world - along with several other fun questions.

Baby Lilo (my niece) hanging out on the couch after the shower & then in Collin's swing watching Baby Einstein videos - I think she was upset that I was blocking her view of the TV! We had a great time with our visitors, I just wish they could have stayed longer. BTW - isn't her hair the absolute cutest! It sticks straight up like that all the time - I love it!


Elizabeth said...

Julie you look AMAZING!!! And I looove how the nursery has come together! AND yes - I would totally steal Lilo - I LOVE that hair!! :)

Son and Julie said...

I know! I wanted to keep her in Jacksonville but I don't think her parents would have let me!

Rachel said...

Lilo really is such a cutie! I love the picture of Son watching Annie and Matt hang the letters. The nursery looks amazing!
Jeff also wants you to know that he says his pregnancy diet works great and everyone should take his advice. I asked him, "why should we listen to you since you have never been pregnant and you are not a doctor?" He replied, "Well, look how great all my advice worked out for Julie?!?!?!" He is such a kick I tell you!