Thursday, March 26, 2009

18 Days & Counting

I went for my 37 week follow-up appointment today. It was pretty quick - we listened to the baby's heartbeat & measured my belly - everything still looks on track for the due date, which happens to be only 18 days away - WOW! They are going to check me again next week to see if I am starting to dilate, so that is exciting. They checked me last week, but nothing yet - just starting to soften & thin out.

I decided that I would like to have the baby on April 9th or 11th. Obviously what we really want is a healthy baby in God's timing - but if it were up to me I would pick one of those 2 days. Why?? Well, My birthday is March 9th & Son's birthday is July 11th, so I thought it would be neat if Collin had the same date as one of us.

Lately it has been really hard to concentrate at work! I think that I am just so excited that it is hard to think about anything else, plus I have finished training the people that will be filling in for me, and I am not taking on any new major projects, so I have more down-time than usual. I have really gotten caught up on a lot of things that I had been putting off, but it's been difficult to stay focused & motivated.

In other news, Son's sister Tram will be coming to visit sometime this summer (probably June) so we are excited about seeing her, Brian & their son, Jaeden! Here are some recent pics of Jaeden, isn't he gorgeous!!! I can't wait for him to meet Collin. They will have fun growing up together,I just wished they lived a little closer than Hawaii! Although, maybe if they are still there in a few years we will be able to save up & make a trip to the island! That would be fun!
Jaeden driving his tractor around with dad watching!
Have a great day!


Rachel said...

I can't believe it is sooo close! I am getting excited for you!

Angela said...

I am more excited for you every day! I hope it happens soon. Glad you're getting some down time at work, too! That must be really nice!

Elizabeth said...

yeaaa!!! You are so close!!! I will pray for a healthy baby and the 9th or 11th! :)

The Reality of Happily Ever After said...

Just came across your blog! My sister and brother both live in JAX -- Congrats on your being prego and almost a mommy!!

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