Monday, January 4, 2010

Back to Life...

I have been totally empty on ideas for a new blog post, and even more empty on time!! I guess that is what happens when you are the mom of an active 8-month-old, wife to an awesome hubby, and full-time employee!

It has been extra hard to go back to work this week & I know that this week is going to last forever since I had gotten used to 4-day-weeks lately...

I still can't believe that it is 2010...that is sooo hard to write!

I am sitting on the couch next to Son and I asked him "what should we write about it on the blog today" and his idea was "how do you install surround sound speakers" - not really my favorite topic haha! He got surround sound speakers for Christmas and has been working on installing them tonight. He has it pretty much finished, but is just trying to get it to work with the DVD player now...

Anyways, since I am having major writer's block right now (and am just too tired to be creative) I am going to "borrow" a post that my friend Rachel did on her blog ( as a recap of the previous we did a lot!!

  • Lamaze Classes - what a way to start the year!
  • Made the bedding, etc. for Collin's room


  • The "Joann's Incident" haha!
  • Son started new job


  • Finished baby room
  • Jacksonville baby shower hosted by Annie & Rachel
  • Lilo, Kim, Quoc & Mrs. Vuong come to visit
  • Julie turned 27
  • Hosted baby shower for Mary Beth & baby Bethany


  • Packed our bags for the hospital
  • Dede arrives!
  • Collin arrives!!


  • Trip to Pensacola
  • We got new toothbrushes :)
  • Collin goes to the surgeon & has his abscess drained
  • Son's parents visit


  • Collin has surgery at Nemours
  • Aunt Becca comes!!
  • Julie goes back to work
  • Julie gets sick - UC Flare, high blood pressure, dehydration


  • Collin tries formula for the first time - does not like it
  • Julie starts new medicine and starts feeling better
  • Collin discovers his hands & loves riding in the stroller
  • Collin sleeps through the night - yes!
  • Becca leaves
  • Collin starts Tutor Time
  • Son turns 37!
  • Collin's abscess is healed!
  • Failed attempt at family pictures


  • Lilo, Kim, Quoc & Mrs. Vuong visit
  • Collin's friend Max is born
  • Collin rolls over & laughs for the first time


  • Trip to Texas!!
  • Collin starts rice cereal
  • Collin sits up!
  • Collin loves his evening walks around the neighborhood
  • Baby Dallas is born
  • Baby dedication service at church


  • Collin's school pictures
  • Collin turns 6-months and starts stage 1 baby food
  • Another trip to Pensacola
  • Collin goes on visitation


  • Nights of Lights in St. Augustine
  • Greenburg Turkey!
  • Double ear infection & temporary hearing loss for Julie
  • Collin says "da da da da"


  • Trip to Texas!!
  • Three Christmases
  • Back to Pensacola to see Tram, Brian & Jaeden
  • Collin meets uncle Hao
  • Becca & Warren get engaged!
  • Son & Julie's first date night

So that's a recap of the last 12-months of our life...for more details check out our blog history. Now the surround sound speakers are finally working and it's time for mommy & daddy to go to bed! Nighty night!


Rachel said...

It is amazing to read all that happens in a year. You certainly had a good one with Collin's arrival, friends, family time, etc.!

Angela said...

Mmm...good post. I may steal this idea, too :)