Monday, January 26, 2009

29 Week Update

WARNING - Pictures may be disturbing to some viewers!

Well, I can't believe that I only have 11 weeks to go (or less) until the big day! It has really flown by as we finish our last minute preparations & start thinking about being parents. Here is a pic of my 29 week "bump" - I warned you! I love it, but to those who don't get excited about expanding waistlines & visible veins, you may not want to look too close!

We had our first Lamaze class last week! The first class was an overview of things that we really should know already (eat right, don't smoke, don't do drugs, etc) - I sincerely hope that no one was hearing this stuff for the first time! But, in the second half of the class we sat on the floor and practiced relaxation techniques which was fun. We were laughing at first because it was kind of awkward siting in Son's lap with him rubbing my belly in front of a bunch of strangers, but it actually felt really nice, so we enjoyed that. Plus, Collin was kicking Son the whole time so that was pretty funny too! Our next class is tomorrow night...
I also got one of the curtain panels finished for Collin's room. I am ready to be finished with all the sewing, it has been fun but is taking a while since we have been so busy on the weekends that I have just been able to spend a few hours here and there on the week nights - but finally all I have left is 1 more panel and then the diaper stacker, which shouldn't be too difficult...I promise more pics once I get the curtains hung up.
In other Vuong Family has been a difficult past few months for Son's job - we love his current position, but due to the economy affecting the business we have been praying that God would give us direction in his career. It was a very difficult decision, and one that received much prayer from us, our friends & family, but God has made it very obvious to us, and Son has decided to accept back his old position with Office Depot as Store Manager. He starts on February 2nd, and will be traveling to Tallahassee for the next 4 weeks. We are excited about this opportunity and just continue to pray for God's will in our lives.


Elizabeth said...

Julie I LOVE your baby bump! I can't wait to have that - and to be only 11 weeks away from meeting my little one! I can't believe that you get to meet your little man so soon - and I can't wait to hear more about lamaze! :) Andddd see the final pics of the nursery!