Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Busy on the Baby Room

Well, to say the least we have been very busy over the past few days! We got back from our Christmas Vacation and immediately started on the garage. Son took everything out of the garage and painted it. Then he got several organizers and set it up so that we can have all of our usual storage, the treadmill, Son's FSU stuff, the kayak, and still fit both cars. It was quite an accomplishment! Then, last Friday he painted Collin's room and we got started moving everything in there on Saturday. We cleaned up the crib and changing table that we brought back from Tyler (this was actually my crib from when I was a baby) and our friends Matt & Annie helped us move it in the room. This week I have started on sewing the bedding for the bed. Here are some pictures from the room of our progress...

This is the crib with the bedding I have made so far...4 out of 6 bumper pads completed!

This is a cute little cross for the room that my mom gave us for Christmas.

Annie & me hanging up clothes in the closet

Son & Matt assembling the swing (Before & After) - it came out of the box in about a billion pieces, but they were able to figure it out.

Son & Matt assembling the crib...Beau helped!
We have really had fun getting ready for Collin & are trying to get as much done as possible while I still have energy. I can't believe that we have less than 14 weeks left!


Rachel said...

I love the pictures. Especially the ones of the boys getting everything assembled!

Angela said...

Looks great so far! Ya'll really look like you were having fun...the boys, too!

Rachel said...

Hey Julie!

Everyone who entered the 100th post giveaway is receiving a design of their choice. I already have a good handle of what you would like for your announcements. Any particulars I need to know about- info/colors/style?

Elizabeth said...

love the bed! how fun that it was yours! look at your counter - you are under 100 days!!! I am so excited for you guys! We just got our bedding in...I can't wait to put everything together like you guys!

Mom said...

I love that you are using the baby bed that was yours. I used the baby bed that my mom and her brother used and me and all my sisters used for both of my children.

I also LOVE the paisley fabric -it definitely does NOT look girly!

Juliee D said...

Okay Julie - I'm sorry but when I left that last comment - it shows up as from "MOM" - I didn't realize that is how my google/blogger was listed. I had used it when commenting on Brooke's blog from a trip. Anyway...now I've hopefully changed it and it will show up as Juliee D. (Denman)