Monday, January 19, 2009

Another Busy Weekend...

It seems like we have been running around like crazy people lately. I can't remember the last time that I just sat on the couch to relax or watch TV. On Friday after work we went to our friends Josh & Rebecca's house for a fun game night with our small group. We played Celebrity Sports Wii, and I have some hilarious pictures of the guys playing the horse racing game...I will have to post them later!

Then, Saturday morning we cleaned house (yuck!) and then I went to my friend Annie's house for a Mary Kay Party. Her husband Matt came over and ate burgers and watched Lord of the Rings with Son & the dogs. Saturday night we went bowling...not my favorite activity, but we had a great time - we even made a late night stop at McDonald's for french fries & Apple pies (Hey - you can do that kind of stuff when you're pregnant & not feel so guilty about it)!

Then Sunday morning we had a very exciting announcement from our friends Brad & Whitney - they are pregnant & expecting their first baby in August, just 4 months after us!!!!!!! I am so excited for them & that Collin will have another little playmate! They are going to be great parents - although Brad said a few weeks ago that we shouldn't trust him with our child :) maybe he was just trying to get out of babysitting duty.

Sunday afternoon I went shopping at Jo Ann's & Target for a few more things for the baby room & then Sunday night it was back to church. Whew...I am tired all over again just thinking about it all.

In other news...we start our Childbirth Classes at the hospital tomorrow night, so that should be interesting...

Happy Monday!


Rachel said...

I am so excited for Brad and Whitney! Hopefully, the due date is August 8th :-) Sounds like you all had quite the weekend!