Friday, January 9, 2009

Random Comments & Observations

Okay, if you can't tell by the fact that my entire blog is dedicated to the baby, I absolutely LOVE being pregnant! But, sometimes I have to laugh at the random comments that people give me & the silly things that happen to me. I thought I would share a few of the things that have made me laugh lately.

These 2 made me laugh this morning as they were literally about 10 minutes apart & totally contradicting each other:

"Oh, your baby is so low - you can definitely tell it's a boy" - comment by co-worker

"Wow, your baby is really sitting high. I bet he's kicking you in the ribs." - comment by a different co-worker

This was funny also...and both were made by well-meaning, sweet relatives who I love dearly:

"You are too small to be ___ weeks"

"I don't think you are going to make it another ___ weeks"

I have 2 friends who are pregnant who don't even show (they are both ahead of me) & 2 friends that are showing more than me, so sorry but there is no "normal" in bump size.

This was also at work - did he think that I was planning on actually going into labor sitting at my desk?

Co-worker: When are you planning on going out on maternity leave?
Julie: I don't have a set date. I'm going to keep working as long as possible.
Co-worker: Are you sure? I am trained in first aid, but I don't think I could deliver a baby.

As much as I love wearing maternity pants (they are super comfortable) they have really ugly waistbands. I walked by a co-worker and noticed that she kind of looked at me funny, then I had to walk back by and she pulled me over to the side & we had this very awkward conversation:

Co-worker: Julie, I think that you have your shirt tucked into your underwear in the back
(mortified, I did a quick check to make sure this was not the case. I realized that my shirt was pulled up slightly in the back & part of the waistband on my pants was showing - not a big deal)
Julie: Oh no, that's just the waistband on my maternity pants showing
Co-worker: are you sure?
Julie: Yes (showing her the pants)

I think that when you either want to be pregnant, or are pregnant that other pregnant women are either more noticed, or somehow attracted by some unknown pregnancy radar...

Even before we were pregnant with Collin it seemed that as soon as we were "trying" that the world population of women was about 50% pregnant! They were everywhere! And, that continues to be the case.

For example, I was at Target yesterday buying a gift for a friend's baby shower. I was in a hurry to get back to work so I picked the shortest checkout line without really paying attention and got behind another lady. Well, she turned around and I noticed that she was pregnant. A few seconds later someone else gets in line behind me and I here "this must be the expectant mothers line" - she was pregnant too! This seriously happens to me all the time now.

Have a Happy Friday!!


Rachel said...

My two favorite comments happen to be your heroic co-worker who thinks you would actually deliver at work. Second the co-worker who asked you twice about your underwear waistband confusion- as if you loose your mind when your pregnant. Too funny!

Son and Julie said...

Actually, I am losing my mind - but that is a whole other matter!