Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Message From Beau

We interrupt this blog for a message from Beau...

"Hi, my name is Beau. I just wanted to let everyone know about some of the unusual things that have been happening at our house lately. First, my mommy & daddy took everything out of the garage & then put the treadmill and a few other things from in the house out there. That was a fun day because I got to play outside all day with them while they were cleaning. Then, they painted the office/FSU room blue. I think they did that for me because they know that my favorite color is blue. Then they got me a new bed and put it in the room, but I haven't figure out how to get in it yet except when they put me in it to try it out. I also have something called a stroller that is fun to ride around the house in, I also have a swing but I don't like that very much.

The latest addition to the room is a rocking chair! I love to sit in the chair and my mommy will cover me up with one of my new blankets, or my mommy will sit with me and read me books - but she keeps calling me "Collin" when she is reading the books which I don't understand. She mostly reads me baby books, which I don't mind because I will always be her baby. I wonder why they have set up this room just for me, they know that I sleep in their room with them!

Also, my mommy keeps bringing home outfits that I know are way too small for daddy & hanging them in the blue room. Then, there were some stuffed turtles that she brought home from the store. They looked just like most of my other toys, but when I tried to get one to play with she wouldn't let me. Maybe she is saving them for my birthday?

Anyways, I will let you know what happens next, but something is definitely going on around here!"


Rachel said...

Too funny! He was rather photogenic the day we took those pictures of him in the rocker!

My Test Blog said...
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Angela said...

Sorry...I was signed in to the wrong account when I typed my last comment!

That made me laugh so hard! Beau is so cute! I think you've probably captured exactly what is going on in his head right now :)