Friday, January 30, 2009

Lamaze Update & Other Notes

Well, this week at Lamaze class we definitely got past the introductory material! The teacher first demonstrated the process of birth using a skeleton pelvis, a stuffed placenta & a cabbage patch doll...interesting. She also had a chart that went through the Stages of Labor which was funny because next to each stage there was a pregnant woman's face showing her expression - the first one of course had a big smile, and by the end it was not so pretty!

We then watched 2 videos of births - which Son had never seen before.

I guess that being a woman you kind of know what it is going to be like, even if you have never seen it before - or maybe it's the fact that my mom taught Lamaze classes while my sister and I were growing up - or perhaps, it is the numerous episodes of "A Baby Story" that I have seen on TLC, but I basically knew what to expect. Not Son!

It was funny to look a this face through the videos and see his reactions. After we left class that night he decided that he did want to be in the delivery room, but that he would be staying "up by my head" and not going "down there". Don't get me wrong, he is going to be very supportive and into the process. And actually, I don't know if I really want him seeing all of the details - but we had a good time talking about it.

We both decided that we really hope that my mom makes it in time to be there for the birth!

We also got Son's training schedule for February with OD - he will be in Tallahassee training all month. They were able to work it out so that he would have Tuesdays off so he could drive back to Jacksonville for our Lamaze class, and he has all but 1 Sunday off - those were our top 2 priorities so we are happy with it, although I will miss him since he will be gone about 3 nights a week for the next month!

Hope you have a Happy Friday!!