Thursday, July 9, 2009

It's all about the Details

So I had been feeling pretty good lately and hoped that the new medicine I had started taking last week was begining to work - until yesterday & today when I started feeling worse. At first I attributed it to the stress of Collin starting daycare today until I got out my medicine at lunch and was looking at the prescription label...I had been taking the medicine 3 times a day, but I just noticed that it says "take 3 tablets by mouth three times daily". I guess in my grogginess from the anesthesia last week when I filled the RX I misread the label and thought I was supposed to take 1 tablet three times daily!

So, basically I have only been taking like 1/3 of what I am supposed to...oh well, I hope that means that it will start working 3 times better :)

Good news = tomorrow is Friday!


Angela said...

You are so cute and funny! I hope you start feeling 3x better soon, too!

Rachel said...

I am glad you noticed that now. How is daycare going for Collin? Tell Beau we miss him!