Thursday, July 23, 2009

No more burned booty!

Yay!!! We had a huge answer to prayer/blessing today at Collins' follow-u p appointment with the surgeon. I'm not sure if I mentioned it on the blog, but Collin's surgery site still wasn't healing, so for the past 2 weeks he has had to have weekly treatments with silver nitrate (cauterizes/burns) the wound to help healing. It was absolutely TERRIBLE!!! He screamed so loud & his face literally was as bright red as a tomato! After the treatments Collin was in pain most of the day, had to take lots of Infant Tylenol drops, and his little booty was burned. It literally turned black and looked like charcoal - very sad!

Anyways, we were scheduled to go in this morning to have another treatment & I was dreading it - obviously! The good this was that since the appointment was on a Thursday morning Son was able to go with us. Before the doctor came in, we said a little family prayer and Son prayed that the procedure would be pain-free for Collin. I kind of thought to myself "well, that's nice, but there is no way that it will be totally pain free".

When the doctor came in and took a look at the site, he said that it was looking great - almost healed, and that he didn't need to do another silver nitrate treatment! Yay! No more burned booty for Collin!! I should have never doubted God's ability to make the appointment pain-free for Collin because He can do all things!!

Here is a picture of me & Collin from this weekend - it was taken by my friend Angela.
We had a great time this past weekend helping our friends Brad & Whitney. The guys installed a pull-down ladder in their attic from the garage. That was quite an experience! At one point, I walked out into the garage and Brad & Dustin were holding the ladder in place in the ceiling and I hear (coming from the attic) "Hey, it's dark up here"! Son apparently had volunteered to get in the attic and install the screws in the ladder since it had to be done from the inside - but when he got up there & they closed him in they realized that they had forgotten to give him a flashlight!!
A few hours later when we went out to check on the guys, and Son was in the attic, with the ladder partially installed to the point where it was in the opening to the attic, but they weren't able to open it and Brad made the announcement that "Son is in the attic and we can't get him out right now, but he's okay"! Then Son, being the practical jokster that he is, kept sending Dustin text messages from inside the attic that said "running out of air..." etc. It made for a very interesting Saturday!
We are going to have Collin's pictures taken on Saturday morning - I am so excited, I just can't decide what he should wear. I think I am going to have them take some family pictures as well, so that means Son & I need outfits too. I want us to coordinate, but I don't want to have to go out any buy anything to wear - any ideas??
More good news - tomorrow is Friday!!


Becca said...

You look beautiful in the picture!!! However, Collin looks a little unsure about what he is being carried around in! SOOOOO glad the precious munchkin is finished with the yucky treatments! As far as the pictures can never go wrong with's always flattering!

Jonathan and Sarah said...

I'm glad his appt. went well!! You look great holding your precious cargo too!

Hm...everyone always says color color color for the picture. I always thought whites which are good too for the beach.) Whatever color you love to wear, just have the boys coordinate to that :)Marshalls always has multiple color Polo stuff for baby boys if you need to grab something. But naked babies are cute too :)

Rachel said...

I love that picture of you and Lil' Punkin! He is just so cute! I am soooo glad Collin is doing much better. It feels like it has been dragging on.

I think you should do bright colors for your pictures maybe turquoise or shades of blues. Either way you all will look wonderful!

the abernathy's said...

julie u look terrific! i like the polo idea. its cute and casual. polos and khakis! u could do a cute pink one and the boys could do blue or something. and marshalls is a great idea! anyhow, i dont know what was going on with collins little hiney but i am glad to hear he is doing better. praise god! glad its the weekend and u get lots of mommy time!!! xo

Mitchell and Jennifer said...

I'm so glad to hear that Collin didn't have to have another treatment! That's great! I hope it continues to heal correctly and completely!

As for the pictures, pick something that you feel good in, and like (whether its a dress or just your favorite shirt) and have to boys wear solid color shirts that match! That's always so cute!

Have a great week!