Thursday, July 16, 2009

Nothing Interesting to Say

I really can't think of 1 single interesting thing to write about, but I decided to post anyways since it has been a week since my last post. I think that I have a terrible case of "Mommy brain" because I am not near as creative as I used to be - did Collin actually take part of my brain from me?

I am so happy that tomorrow is Friday. I always loved weekends, but lately I am cherishing family time even more. Last weekend on Sunday I told Son that I thought the weekends were much shorter since we had the baby & he agreed! It just breaks my heart to have to drop Collin off at day care every day & I think on the weekends I want to take advantage every single second that I have with him & Son.

Tomorrow night we are going to help our friends Tama & Stuart move - they are moving back to Kentucky so that Stuart can go back to school. They are an amazing couple & will be missed dearly!! Son also helped our friends Josh & Rebecca move on Tuesday night. They are moving to Alabama so that Josh can go back to school also. We are losing some great close friends here also - but I am happy for all 4 of them to be pursuing what they want to do and following God's plans for their lives!

Then on Saturday we are going over to our friend Brad & Whitney's house to help them with some stuff in their garage. The are expecting baby Maxwell in August & are trying to get organized before he makes his appearance!

My little sister Becca turned 23 yesterday! I can't believe it!! I am soooo old! Happy belated birthday sissy!


Rachel said...

That is so funny- I call my sister sissy too! How did Son's birthday go? Did you take Collin to the restaurant?

Angela said...

Yay! We're going to Brad and Whitney's on Saturday, too!

Son and Julie said...

Son's birthday was great - I wish you guys could have been here. We did take Collin with us & he did great. We are truly blessed to have such a happy baby.