Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Family Pictures (Almost) & a Minor Tragedy

As you can probably assume from the title of the post, the Family Pictures that we had scheduled for this weekend didn't exactly happen. Let me start by saying that Collin is the happiest baby I have ever met in my life! He is such a blessing, and seriously only cries when he is hungry, sleepy, or needs to be changed. So with that said, I was not worried at all about getting our pictures taken - I just assumed that he would be his usual happy self & probably show off how adorable he is for the photographer.

We left the house a little early because we had to stop by Son's work for a minute, then we got to the Town Center about 30 minutes before our appointment - just enough time to have breakfast at Chick-fil-a - yea!! We get to the picture studio, and Collin is his normal happy self - smiling & "talking" to us. We had to wait about 30 min since they were running behind, but he was still in a great mood. We got his picture outfit on, and they started to pose us when he started crying...what?? The photographer started making faces at him, literally like 5 inches from his face and she was making all kinds of razzing noises with her lips - this did not help!

Needless to say we tried EVERYTHING to calm him down, but he just had decided that he did not want to have his picture taken that day. After about 30 minutes we just decided that he was too upset and that we were better off just rescheduling. We packed him up in the car seat and (of course) the second we walked out the door he was all smiles again! Oh well, it was just not going to happen that day. Son & I did get a good laugh out of the whole situation & how were afraid that the photographer was spitting on Collin when she was trying to get him to smile...

So to try to make up for not getting our family pictures taken, here are some pics I have taken of what we have been up to lately.

My Mom found out that Collin didn't have any of the cute smocked bubble outfits for church, so she went to every consignment store in Tyler and sent us a whole box full of church clothes. My dad also picked out a Texas Longhorns t-shirt for Collin. Here is Collin opening his package from Texas. Thanks DeDe & Jimbo!!

Sorry, I should have rotated this picture - here is Collin riding in his stroller "Big Boy Style" aka without the infant carseat. We went for a stroll Sunday afternoon around the cul-de-sac. He really enjoyed the breeze blowing & was awake and kicking his legs practically the entire time.

Collin is starting to try to roll-over now - so cute & exciting! He can get totally on one side, but he can't make it over his arm yet...keep trying sweetie!

You almost got it!

He is also holding his head up while we have "tummy time" and uses his arms to push himself up a little. You are getting too big Collin!!
Oops, I almost forgot the second half of the title of the post - the minor tragedy...I am so bummed but we got a new internet filter at work & one of the sites that is blocked now is Blogger...yuck! I am not someone who surfs the internet all day at work, but to save money Son & I take our lunch to work most days. I have to eat at my desk, so I like to use that time to update my blog. I literally have no time at home or on the weekends & if I do have a few minutes when Collin is napping or Son is playing with him I just don't feel very creative! So hopefully I can get motivated to keep the blog updated at home...we'll see how I do!
The good news is that I can still go to individual blogs & see what everyone else is up to, they just have the blogger log-in screen blocked...trust me,, I have already tried to sign-in on the comments page of another blog, etc - it just isn't going to happen.


the abernathy's said...

awe, i cannot wait to see the pics when they actually happen lol. i am sure collin will cooperate for round 2. poor baby, if someone was 5 inches from my face i would definitely cry..hello - personal space!!! he is getting so big and he is sooo freaking cute. i showed my mom a pic and she just thought he was so adorable too (of course)! i feel your blogging pain. my work has the most ridiculous internet rules ever. i told matt i HAVE to get an IPHONE in the next month or i am going to go nuts. maybe you should consider it too! xoxo

Angela said...

Even though you didn't get to take professional pics, the ones you took are still really darn cute! And that totally stinks about the work blocking thing! I would be totally crazy if I couldn't do my blog in my spare time.