Thursday, July 2, 2009


Okay, so I know that it isn't actually Friday, but it is kind of Friday for me because my office is closed tomorrow which means that I will get a much needed 3-day weekend. Yea for 4th of July!

They were able to complete the test yesterday (answer to much prayer!!). The results were positive and negative. The disease has doubled in length (bad news) but there is another medication that I can try now (good news) and the best part is that I can take it and continue to breastfeed Collin (even bigger answer to prayer)!!! I had spent a lot of time crying & praying over what to do if I had to decide between taking a new medication or continuing to breastfeed, but thank the Lord when I called my pediatrician yesterday to check on the medication they said that it was safe to take! This is amazing because we had thought that we had tried everything that was safe!

We had to supplement with some formula for the first time today - because of the sedation I couldn't feed him for 24-hours & we had pretty much gone through the frozen supply I had last time they attempted the procedure. Plus, being on a liquid diet for several days doesn't exactly help when you are trying to build the supply back up! I really didn't want him to have any formula, but there wasn't anything else that we could do. The good thing is that we have all weekend to get back on track!

In other Collin news, he is just growing so much every day! Lately he has really discovered his hands and loves to grab things & pull on them (including his ears to the point where he cries - my sister said that she had to hold his arms down this morning because he was pulling on them so hard). He can hold his head up better now & he can turn it from side to side when he is laying on his tummy.

He also talks to us much more now & his favorite word is "Ah-goo". I'm not sure what that means, but it is pretty darn cute!!
Here he is in one of his favorite activities lately - riding around the house in his stroller!


Rachel said...

Oh my goodness- that is so cute! Riding in his stroller around the house!
I am so glad the procedure went okay. What a huge relief it is that there is one more medication for you to try! Now on to recovery :-)

Angela said...

So cute!! He is such a precious baby!

I'm glad to hear that you'll be able to take some other medicines. I really hope they'll start helping you soon!

the abernathy's said...

julie, praying this new medicine is just what you need! collin is way too cute! blessings, jillian