Friday, January 15, 2010

Me?? An Award?? Gee Thanks!!

My new blog buddy, Misty at Southern Belle Mama ( gave me a “Beautiful Blog” award and tagged me to do this post – thanks girl!

Check out her blog too – her post today is one of my favorites (which I may have to copy soon) – “Top 5 Things I Love about the South”.

Anyways, I am supposed to tell 7 interesting things about myself & then tag 7 other blogs…here goes!

1. My dream job is a Stay At Home Mom…unfortunately finances currently get in the way

2. Even though I have lived in Florida for the past 7 years, I still consider myself a Texan, and I think I always will. I am actually quite sad about the fact that Collin probably won’t grow up there…I guess that means that I will have to teach him the state song, state motto, state bird & Texas state history – which I am sure is waaay more interesting than that of Florida (sorry to my Floridian friends).

3. I hate conflict & will do just about anything to avoid it…

4. I love cooking & trying out new recipes – however they don’t always turn out the way I hoped…kind of like last night’s Chicken & Asparagus bake…sounded good but was totally NOT! Son ended up eating a frozen pizza (sorry honey) & I forced myself to eat a little of it & then had a banana. Oh well.

5. I am really intimidated by home school moms! I don’t know how they do it…but I am secretly considering it myself if the dream job thing ever works out. Private school is just so expensive & I would not want to send Collin to public school where we live now.

6. I regularly torture my child by doing mean things such as cleaning dried snot off his face, clipping his nails, changing his diaper, etc. For example: Collin has had a runny nose for the past few days, and after going all night without mommy there to wipe it for him there was dried nasty stuff covering practically his entire face when I got him out of the crib this morning…when I was cleaning his face with a wipe on the changing table he was screaming at the top of his lungs & wiggling so much that it took forever to clean it all off. He was so loud I bet the neighbors could hear. Someone please call child protective services!

7. Something that makes me happy: waking up to my alarm clock at 6am and realizing that Collin didn’t wake up at all the night before :)
Other Beautiful Blogs I am tagging for this award & post:
Rachel ( - because she is about the most creative person I know...seriously Martha Stewart better watch her back!
Angela ( - because she is another mom that I look to for encouragement when trying to juggle it all!
Emily ( - another fellow Texan & sweet friend!
Jillian ( - because she has some exciting new news!
Elizabeth ( - because she has the most adorable little boy & it has been way too long since she updated her blog! I need an update on Collin's buddy JM!
Becca ( - because she is my sister & has lots of new things going on that she hasn't posted yet - new house, new fiance, etc.


Southern Belle Mama said...

Great post! Nice to learn a little more about you. :) Have a nice weekend!

Rachel said...

Thanks Julie! I am honored :-) You are such a great mom and this post re-affirms that, even if you make Collin suffer in the name of a clean face!