Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tip(s) of The Week!

Tip of The Week #1: Close the blinds!

If you have a window office on the 3rd floor, and you use said office to pump breast milk for your 9 month old, and the building where said office is located is going through maintenance on the exterior windows…it might be a good idea to close your blinds while pumping…just in case the window guys happen to move their platform right in front of your window during the middle of a pumping session. You know, just in case!

Tip of The Week #2: Check the weather!

If you take the baby on a stroller ride, and you decide to go twice as far as you normally do, and you are talking on your cell phone while strolling…it might be a good idea to check the weather before you leave…just in case it starts to POUR down rain while you are about a mile from the house…and just in case you are really out of shape from not running since like before the 9 month old baby was like negative 6 months…and just in case the cell phone that you are talking on is a company iPhone that if it gets wet and breaks they will deduct like $500 from your paycheck to replace it. You know, just in case!


Angela said...

Oh my goodness!! Did you ruin your new phone? I hope not!

Rachel said...

Eeecckks! I hope your phone is okay!

Son and Julie said...

Yes the phone survived...first I tried to protect it by sticking it in the waistband of my pants, but then it slipped out. Then I threw it in the stroller under the canopy with Collin and fortunately he didn't throw it out!

the abernathy's said...

lol...i had to laugh as i read this, but i do feel for ya sweetie, what a start to the week!!! hope it gets better. xo thanks for the tips...ill keep them handy, you know...just in case :)

Spencer and Emily said...

Julie - I am so glad yall liked the Taco Soup! Isn't it so easy to make!?
That website has lots of good recipes!