Monday, January 11, 2010

Shhh...don't tell mommy!

Hi, this is Collin – yea for me!!! Mommy is at work now so I hacked into her blogger account from school to post this message J I think that we all know how smart I am, but recently I have been practicing getting up on my hands and knees and rocking back and forth – I think I am about ready to crawl…but don’t tell my mommy! I really prefer for her to carry me around everywhere and hand me things that I can’t quite reach, it is much easier that way & she needs to have something to do, right??

Well, unfortunately this morning I got busted. I thought that my mommy was still getting ready for work so I was in my crib practicing my new trick when all of a sudden I look over my shoulder and there she is – oh no!! I immediately dropped down to my belly and started fussing to try to confuse her, so she came and picked me up. I thought that I had fooled her…that is, until we got to school and she started talking to my teacher:

Mommy (beaming with pride): “guess what – Collin was up on his hands and knees this morning in his crib!!”

Teacher: “oh yeah, he does that all the time”

Mommy (totally devastated): “Really?”

I am going to have a serious talk with my teachers today…that was totally not cool to rat me out like that!

In other news we had a really busy weekend…my mommy dragged me to yet another baby shower, but it was okay because there were several hot chicks there that I got to hang with – Ellie, Dallas, Clara, and Brooklyn! Ellie was pulling my hair & Clara was trying to steal my paci – do you think that means they like me? And my best buddy Maxwell was there too!

Of course my mommy took about a billion pictures, but I am sure that she will post those soon.

Well I better go now and figure something else out that I can do and hide from my mommy – maybe actually crawling?

Happy Monday!

Love, Collin


Mitchell and Jennifer said...

Very cute! :)

Angela said...

Love. this.

I can't believe that little stinker is doing stuff behind his mommy's back! You need to have a talk with him!

Southern Belle Mama said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by..and come back anytime! :)

My girl child is 8 months old and she's been doing the scoot on her belly crawl for about 5-6 weeks and is now doing the rocking thing. She also wants to "play helpless" when I catch her too!