Monday, February 2, 2009

Happy Monday

Well, I had to start out my Monday at the lab this morning doing a 3-hour blood glucose test - not fun! Basically you have to drink this nasty orange syrup and they draw your blood at set intervals over a 3-hour period to see if you have gestational diabetes. I took the 1-hour version of the test at my doctor's office 2 weeks ago, and because it was higher than the "normal" range I had to move on to the 3-hour test. I should know the results early next please pray that they are normal & that I don't have gestational diabetes! Apparently it is pretty common and manageable, but it can cause your baby to be overweight and put you you and your child at risk for developing diabetes later in life.

Anyways, Son had his first day at his new job today - training in Tallahassee and said that it went well. He is driving back to Jacksonville now and has tomorrow off. Yea!!


Elizabeth said...

praying for good results!!!

Son and Julie said...

Thanks! I got the results today at my doctor's appointment (they came back a lot quicker than I thought) & everything is okay! That is a huge answered prayer. Thanks!!!