Tuesday, February 10, 2009

How I realized that 7+ Months Pregnant does not equal Graceful!

Okay, I am about to confess a really embarrassing moment here, but this weekend I realized how my growing belly is affecting by balance and coordination...

On Saturday I went to Jo Ann's (a fabric/craft store here) to pick up some stuff to Finish a few projects I am working on for Collin's room. I had finished in the fabric department, so I was carrying around the cut fabric that I had purchased, and I was half-way through in the scrapbook section, so needless to say my hands were full (or maybe I am just making excuses here :)

Anyways, I was in the scrapbook section, and I was looking at some paper that was on sale, and it was on the bottom shelf, so I was squatting down to look through the stack. When I tried to get back up I realized that I was sort of "stuck" so I grabbed the shelf to try to pull myself up. Next thing I know, the shelf comes crashing down, and probably hundreds of stacks of paper come crashing down to the floor...everythign in my arms goes flying...and I fell flat on my butt in the middle of all the paper!

This is not a pretty picture! And anyone who has been to Jo Ann's on a Saturday knows how busy it was, so there were several witnesses to this incident.

I just sat there laughing for a minute (the only thing hurt was my pride), and then another shopper come over and helped me put the shelf back on the wall, and all the paper back on the shelf - this was a very embarrassing 10 minute task!

Anyways, just thought I would give everyone something to smile about this weeek!


Angela said...

Hahahahahahahahahaha!!!! I bet Son just DIED when you told him that story. I'm sorry you were embarrassed, but that is a pretty cute story!

Rachel said...

Oh my gracious Julie! I can only imagine how embarrassing. At least you are visibly pregnant and can blame it on that. As for me when I fall over or trip on my own feet- I can blame it on nothing :-)

Elizabeth said...

ha ha ha haaaaaaaa!!! ohhhh nooooo!!!! my face just turned red FOR you! I am glad you were okay...too funny! No more squatting down! :)

Mitchell and Jennifer said...

I'm sooo glad you're okay, and even more glad that you shared that story, because I needed to hear it! :) Hope you're week goes well!