Friday, February 13, 2009

Scary Realization

Okay, I just noticed that my due date countdown is down to less than 60 did that happen?? I am really excited about Collin's upcoming arrival, but somehow knowing that it is "approximately" 59 days away is a scary thought! We have wanted a baby for so long now, and when you first find out you are pregnant 9 months seems like forever to wait. Now that we are getting close the time is just flying by. I have so many questions...

What type of delivery experience will I have?

What will he look like?

Will I be a good mom?

Is our house ready for a baby?

How will our life change?

How will I look/feel after having the baby - and how long will it take to get back to "normal"?

Will I be able to tell what is wrong when he is crying?

But, for every question that I have, there are also things that I know to be true:

God will prepare us for whatever type of delivery experience that He wants us to have, and will give us the strength to get through it!

I hope he looks like Son!

Son will be an amazing dad!

Our life is going to change dramatically - for the better!

This is an awesome blessing and I am continually humbled at everything that God is doing in our lives! We don't deserve any of it - and His grace truly is amazing!


Mitchell and Jennifer said...

You're going to be a great mom, Julie! Don't even worry about it! And between the 10 of us who are pregnant, we can all give each other a break! I know that Mitch and I wouldn't mind watching Collin for a few hours so that you guys could get some sleep or have a nice dinner for just the two of you! All of those things will work out, and if it makes you feel any better, I've still got like 8 months left and I'm wondering the same things! XOXO

Juliee D said...

I don't know what kind of delivery you will have, but I will pray that it's an easy one...I will pray that your mom can make it to be with you....and I can tell you that no matter how difficult it will be worth look at that beautiful miracle and you will agree.

I can answer a few of these....

He will be BEAUTIFUL - how can he not? He's got two beautiful parents!

YOU will be a GREAT mom - because you have learned from one of the best..your mom.

Your life will CHANGE ... in fact, once you leave your house for the will never be the same....but it will be oh so much better! There is nothing that can prepare you for the joy and love that your child will give from the first moment you look at him.

I keep you and precious Collin in my prayers.

Thanks for the posts, I love keeping up with your journey.

Rachel said...

I know you and Son will be great parents! You are such kind, gracious, and good humored friends! Collin will be such a sweet baby. Plus, after your mom leaves I will come down and cook loads of freezer meals and keep Collin so you can get some rest!