Wednesday, February 25, 2009

We Graduated!

Last night Son & I officially graduated from our Lamaze Class - cheesy certificate of completion & all - the certificate is definitely going in the scrapbook. I only wish that I had remembered to bring my camera to take a picture of the big event. Yes, I am turning into my mother...

We enjoyed the class (or at least I enjoyed it & Son humored me by pretending that he enjoyed it), and last night Son decided that we needed to stop by DQ on the way home and get Blizzards to "celebrate graduation". I love how this pregnant wife thing is working out for him to get all his favorite treats! And trust me, I did not mind the vanilla sprinkle blizzard that he got for me - or the chocolate chip cookies he brought home the other day, and on and on.

My mom reminded me last night that she had me early at only 34 weeks - that is only 1 more week from where I am - scary thought that Collin really come at any time. ONLY 47 DAYS LEFT!!!


Rachel said...

I was thinking about how soon your due date is on the way in to work today! Tell Collin to hold out for his shower in a few weeks! I am really excited to see you!

Elizabeth said...

eeeekkkk!!! you are so close! that would kind of scare me too, but in an exciting, scary kind of way! congrats on passing lamaze! ;)