Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Updated Baby's Room Pics & other Vuong Family News

We have been so busy lately that I haven't had much time to take pictures - but here is an update. We have Collin's room almost complete - with just a few more projects to go. It has been so much fun to do most of it ourselves, but I am really getting tired lately, so I am ready to be done.

This is the crib - finished!

This is the bookcase that we bought & some little shelves that we hung on the wall - we really need to do more decoration type stuff, but at least we have the basics covered.

Here is my latest project - the baby quilt. I am almost finished with the top & then just need to put it all together with the middle & back. On a related note - if you ever purchase a crib-size organic cotton quilt batting from Jo Ann's, and you read the directions, do not confuse "pre-soak to eliminate shrinkage" with "pre-wash". I pre-washed it with the rest of the fabric and it came out in about a million little strings! That took forever to clean you think they will take the little strings back at JoAnn's? I still have the receipt :)

And of course, Beau is trying to "help".

These are the curtains...and the rocking chair that I need to get recovered.

Our friends Winnie & Alan got us this adorable little FSU outfit. They are actually at the hospital right now having their first baby - Clara Renee. Collin is going to have so many little friends!

Even though we have been busy, there is still much to be done!

Also in Vuong Family news - we are going on Saturday to take our concealed weapons class...I know that is going to be funny (very big pregnant lady learning about carrying a concealed weapon!) Son has been wanting to take the class and get his permit for a long time, so I decided to tag along. Actually, he has been wanting to buy a gun for a few months now, but I kept saying that we needed to take a class first and then he could get one. I grew up knowing with guns in the house, and Son & I have both shot before, but we are by no means experts. I just wanted to feel more comfortable before we brought one in the house - more for me than for Son. So, now that this is going to be his last week of training in Tallahassee (yea!) he will finally be home on a Saturday to take the class. I don't know if I will actually get the permit, but I am going to go ahead and take the class just in case I want to.


Mitchell and Jennifer said...

That is so Ironic! Mitch and I had plans to go buy a gun the Sunday that I found out I am pregnant! So we didn't go yet. I've been wanting a gun and Mitch thinks it would be nice to have some way of defending ourselves if we ever had a break in! :)

Angela said...

Oh it all looks so good! I know we just talked about this...but it's hard to imagine that there will actually be a baby there soon. You've done a great job with all of your sewing. I may have to have you help me. I think I could probably do all of my own stuff, too.

Elizabeth said...

yea! :) You are ready for Collin to get here! I love the nursery...and all the fabric you have picked out...AND that you have made it yourself! If I were super rich, I would hire you and Collin to come and make curtains for my baby's room! Wish I could! :)

Rachel said...

I love how the nursery has turned out! Poo poo on the lady who said that fabric was girly. I claim the top wall shelf for my gift at the baby shower! Also, I love how the bookcase turned out- what a great little space for Collin to keep his books and toys. By the way- your peacock print diaper bag is the pattern I am doing in the kitchen when we move! I love those colors. You are going to be the chic-est mommy.

Son and Julie said...

The top shelf is all yours Rachel...I am really excited about next weekend - thanks again for everything that you have done for us!! Can't wait to see you & Jeff!